• Tie balloons outside to guests can find the party.
  • Party dances are usually a hit, to the likes of Superman. You may think boys don’t like that sort of thing but they love it.
  • Getting dad to dress up in a fun costume along with the children can let the children know you’re the leading adult and they love it.
  • But be warned- don’t wear too much clown make up for example because that can be a barrier between you and the children. Some can be frightened, especially of clowns.
  • Always have standby games and activities in case some of the ones you planned don’t work.
  • A good way to get little children’s attention is to use a puppet or a teddy. Make it talk. I am rubbish at ventriloquism but the kids don’t notice.
  • When playing games, give out prize vouchers that can be traded in for gifts at the end of the whole event so the winners aren’t distracted too early.
  • Young children often don’t like to be ‘out’ and won’t sit down if they are in musical statues. Draw a “magic line” and ask them to dance behind that instead so nobody feels left out- say there is a prize for the best dancer in the ‘out’ group.
  • Balloons are great fun but can be a distraction. Give them out to children during free play at the end of a party.
  • Be prepared for the sugar injection after party ‘eats’ !
  • Avoid a wide range of ages at a party. It is easier to cater for all of the children’s needs if they are similar ages.
  • Make sure your music is loud enough. A small CD player that sounds really loud at home is easily drowned out by 30 children.